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I really really really really really (really) encourage you to go to rather than this page. Lots more bike touring, bicycle touring, adventure cycling, bikepacking... whatever we're calling it these days... there.

Feb 18, 2016

Are you planning on flying with your touring bike this year? We tackle some tips and tricks on the best way to do that, plus a funky (and very, very simple) hack to get an Ortlieb pannier onto a Brompton. It's gear-a-palooza and much more on this episode of The Pedalshift Project.

The Pedalshift Project 042: Flying with your touring bike and Ortlieb hacks

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Feb 4, 2016

With so many parts of the world shivering through winter's icy grip, isn't it nice to warm up to some offseason bicycle tour planning? On this episode of The Pedalshift Project we chat about some touring news, updates on my spring California coast tour and trying to keep weight off in the winter months to prepare for...