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Apr 11, 2024

So much of our bike travel is out on the open road, or along some back country trail. But what about the cities? On this edition, we talk about how to make cities and suburban riding a fun and enjoyable part of your next urban bike tour!

Urban Bike Touring

Planning Your Urban Adventure

- route planning in urban areas.

- researching bike-friendly cities and regions.

- know the area and any rules of paths

Choosing the Right Bike and Gear

- bike and gear choices for urban touring.

- have a flexible setup

- Gear recommendations - locks, lights, and bags

Navigating Cities and Suburbs

- Tips for navigating city streets safely and confidently.

- Discuss bike lanes, bike-sharing programs, and public transportation integration.

- Strategies for dealing with traffic and busy intersections.

Finding Accommodations

- Roofed vs unroofed

-hotels, hostels, rentals, camping.

- Plan ahead vs. staying flexible

Immerse Yourself

- Highlight the unique cultural experiences that urban touring offers.

- Suggestions for exploring local cuisine, art, and events.

- Best experiences - NYC, Tampa, SF, LA, San Diego


- theft concerns and bike security.

- "bad parts of the city" may be real or may be reverse hype

- comfort over all else